Do you want to make your ferrets a good ferret soup?  This is an old-fashioned favorite recipe that was given to me by a ferret breeder when I got my first ferrets.  She said it was good for sick ferrets and good for overall health for all ferrets. I feed mine once a day and they love it.


Chicken (cut-up).

Lard or olive oil.

Vitamin supplements, such as Ferretone or Linatone.

1/2 cut kibble, ground up (a coffee grinder works well).


Cut pieces of chicken (including the bone) into 1/2-1 inch cubes. Melt some lard (or heat olive oil) in a wok until it is about 1/8-inch deep. Quick fry the chicken cubes in the lard until they’re golden brown. (The goal is to kill off any possible bacteria but leave the inside as raw as possible). Set the chicken cubes aside to drain and cool. Place the chicken cubes in a bowel and lightly spray them with Ferretone or Linatone (use an atomizer). Add the ground-up kibble. Toss like a salad.

Freeze the unused portions and thaw as needed.


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