RIP Newt


I thought I would post this funny list of comparisons that ferrets and kids have.  They are surprisingly quite similar in many aspects!



* Ferrets do not involve orthodontia.

* Ferrets do not like Barney. They might want to try to eat Barney, nevertheless.

* Having a ferret doesn’t help you to withstand dishes at Chuck E Cheese or McDonald’s.

* When you go to Toys R Us, you can find toys yourself.

* Although it is possible to dress a ferret, if you’re so keen (please don’t be THAT kind), they will not outgrow their clothes every 3 months.

* Ferrets don’t appreciate conversations that need you to reply “Why?” 400 times an hour or so.

* No Ferrets involved in Columbine shooting.

* Ferrets can be entertained by plastic grocery bags.

* Ferrets don’t tattoo their butts, will not leave the house and get pregnant, pierce themselves, or rob liquor stores.

*Ferrets don’t tune in to the Insane Clown Posse.

* Ferrets do not cause you to read the same book 6,000 times in their mind aloud.

*Ferrets do not argue about bedtime.

* Ferrets soak themselves.

*Ferrets don’t receive genetic misfortune from you or your spouse: All ferrets are adorable, no ferrets go through “an awkward stage”.

* Ferrets and kids have a tendency to poop a great deal, occasionally in unacceptable sites.

*Ferrets and * Occasionally kids might bite.

* Ferrets and youngsters could make horrible messes through the twenty minutes your back is turned.

* Ferrets and children are reckless.

* Individuals enjoy looking at pictures of ferrets and kids being cute.

* People get bored after looking at more than a couple of photos of ferrets and kids being cute.

*Children and * ferrets can just only be trained to an extent.

* Ferrets and kids have short-attention spans.

* Ferrets and children get bored quickly.

* Ferrets and children may both vanish the moment your back is turned.

* Ferrets and children both attempt to eat horrible things, like dead bugs.

*Ferrets and children try to eat harmful items, like cold French fries you put in to the waste basket.

*Ferrets and kids equally steal something that isn’t nailed down.

* By just looking innocent and lovely * Ferrets and kids can get out-of trouble easily!

ferret mess 2
Ferret Mess 2

* Ferrets don’t smear poop or mashed potatoes on surfaces.

* Ferrets do not stick beans up their noses or in their ears.

* Ferrets may be walked on a leash.

* Ferrets could hide under the fridge.

* Macaroni stick art is not made by * Ferrets.

* Ferrets can get fleas.

* You can’t ship a ferret down to summer-camp.

* Ferret lack the capability to lie for you.

*Ferrets don’t grow up to be doctors, lawyers, artists, writers.

* Ferrets can’t provide you with grandchildren.

* Ferrets only live for around 7-10 years approximately, if lucky.

*  Ferrets eat your inner soles from the favorite shoes.

* Make an educated selection and it’s your decision to consider the huge pros and cons of owning a pet ferret!

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