1.  Do they bite a lot?

– They can bite, I lucked out with all of mine, they don’t bite! If you get a baby,  chances are they will bite because, like any baby, they can be teething.

2.  Are they really high maintenance?

– Yes, they are very high maintenance and ask for a lot of attention They need it! Ferrets are not like a cat and dog. You should definitely read up about them because they need a big cage, vitamins for there water, a lot of water and food at all times. They need exercise and they have to be out of the cage for a minimum of 2 hours a day, they love to sleep but they call for a lot of different needs, they need their ears treated, they need baths once a month and they need to get their nails trimmed by human nail clippers frequently, their nails grow quickly.

4.  Can they go a day without being taken out of their cage?

– They can go a day with being out of the cage but its not recommended, its not good to neglect it especially if your home and you just choose not to take them out of the cage, another way of causing the ferret not to get stressed or feel neglected is getting it a friend because they play in the cage all day rather than being alone they have someone to play with.

5. Can you put them in a ferret ball?

– Yeah you can put them in a ferret ball but they prefer to let roam free, you have to FERRET PROOF! your entire room before letting them room they can squeeze places and get there head caught and it can wind up in a tragedy, always keep your eyes on them, they are quick and fast! i would recommend ferret proofing probably about 3-5 days before getting them so that no accidents occur.

6. Can they be handled?

– Ferrets can be handled of course, they are loving animals and love to show and get affection, if you show your ferret enough affection they will indeed sleep and lounge with you since sleeping is there favorite hobby =) My male 7-month-old Gretel sleeps and kisses me all the time, and she loves being held and carried around like a baby.

7. Do they make good pets, in your opinion?

– Ferrets make great pets they are friendly, loving, cute and funny! They are little bandits but they are cute, they are very high maintenance but it truly pays off in the end because you will fall in love with them! I love my ferrets to death, They are my only and have always been my favorite animal.

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