Bob’s Chicken Gravy Ferret Soup Recipe

This easy-to-digest and gentle on the stomach recipe is great for ferrets who aren’t feeling very well or those coming off a liquid diet and moving back onto solid foods. This recipe is about 70 percent chicken and roughly 30 percent animal fat, so you’ll need a heavy-duty blender (or hand-cranked meat grinder) and probably some goggles! If you need to, cut the recipe in half.


1 whole roasting chicken, cut into small pieces (do not remove the skin, fat, bones, or giblets).

1 tablespoon olive oil.

1 tablespoon vitamin supplement, such as Ferretone or Linatone.

1 cup ferret, mink, or high-grade cat kibble.

2 tablespoons fine bran, whole oats, or Metamucil.

3-4 eggshells.

4 tablespoons honey.

1 cup fat trimmings (uncooked).


Put on your goggles. Puree the chicken with the fat, kibble, and eggshells. Add water until you make a thin gravy. Remove your goggles. Pour the mix into a pot and cook for 30 minutes or until it has the consistency of cream or thick gravy. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Let the mixture cool before serving.

Dip small pieces of bread in the mixture if your ferret doesn’t readily acept the gravy on its own. He should begin to get used to it this way. You can also use a feeding syringe to introduce the gravy to the fuzzy. Take what’s left over and pour the stuff into zipper bags or ice cube trays. Store it in the freezer.

When serving the gravy thawed, add water or Pedialyte to get the desired consistency and microwave it until it’s warm. (Note: You can blend to desired consistencies for special needs).

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