Ferret Toy Ideas:

My ferrets usually like old stuff laying around the house.  They especially like packing boxes and bubble wrap, older paper bags, and plastic grocery bags. Here are some easy toys you can make.

Sock Balls

Ferrets will love to chase and bat around old, smelly socks. If they jingle, that’s even better. Take an old sock and put a large jingle bell inside. (Make sure the jingle bell is not made of plastic she could chew up, and that it’s big enough that she can’t swallow it.) Ball the sock or tie a knot in it and toss it on the floor. Then watch the ferrets bat their jingly sock balls around the house with gusto.


Ferrets are excellent at chewing pieces off their toys, so be sure any toys you make have no small parts she could swallow. Check her toys frequently to make sure they’re in good shape. Always supervise ferrets when they are playing outside of their cage. If you see the ferret/ferrets getting into something they are not supposed to, you need to be able to take it away quickly. If your new toys turn up missing, don’t worry. Ferrets will likely hoard their toys in their favorite hidey-hole places.  They will love playing with their new exciting toys, and you’ll appreciate saving a few bucks in the process. Ferret’s don’t care how much you pay for their toys!

They also like to rumble around in their clean laundry and drag it all over the place.  One of the regular toys they like to play with is the long ferret clear tube.  This has been a hit with all my ferrets.  They also like squeaky balls that get them excited and ready to play.

Here is a video of my ferrets playing the ferret rug game! 

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