Sable is the most common and cinnamon is the rarest, but ferrets come in a myriad of color patterns. There are eight basic ferret colors: Albino, BlackBlack Sable, ChampagneChocolate, Cinnamon, Dark-Eyed White, and Sable. 



Sable is perhaps the most common color of ferret. It’s the common “raccoon” patterning, or, dark brown to black guard hairs with a creamy undercoat.
In the UK, this color is often called “polecat”
Bandit (left) was a sable


A chocolate ferret may have the same coat pattern as a sable, with a white/cream undercoat but the guard hairs are warm chocolaty color.
Owen (left) is a chocolate

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Albino ferrets have a white coat, with red or pink eyes

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Dark Eyed White
Often confused for an albino, a Dark Eyed White, or DEW, is a ferret with a white coat, but black or dark ruby eyes. A ferret with ruby eyes may be abbreviated “REW” or ruby-eyed white.


Silver is a ferret with a white undercoat, but grey/silver guard hairs. The American Ferret Association calls this color “Black Roan”. Silvers may age out to DEW’s.
Percy (left) and Wesley are silvers.

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The guard hairs are tan or diluted chocolate, almost sandy colored. The undercoat is white or cream. 


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Marked White
Marked whites are DEW or albino ferrets with irregular, dark markings on them. This may include spots, rings around the tail, etc. A short tail with a ring may indicate Waardenburg’s Syndrome (also, blaze and panda)


Ferrets with mitts have white toes or feet.
Here is Wesley showing off his mitts. His full color & pattern combo is “silver mitt” or “black roan mitt”

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A ferret with a bib has a white neck or chest

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A stripe on the top of the head, sometimes extending to the shoulders. Also called badger.
Note that ferrets with a blaze are prone to Waardenburg’s Syndrome- basically, they are more apt to be deaf.

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An all-white head that extends to the shoulders. Note that ferrets with the panda markings may be prone to Waardenburgs Syndrome- basically, they are more apt to be deaf.

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