Ferret Lifespan– How Long Do Pet Ferrets Live

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Ferret Lifespan– How Long Do Pet Ferrets Live?

Q: What is the average ferret lifespan– how long do they live?

A: A ferrets typical lifespan is actually two-fold:

Together with the very early altering practices of the major breeding farms in this country virtually all ferrets bred here suffer from a number of illnesses (like adrenal illness) that shortens their lifespan …

Chewy, Tiki, and Ucharel RIP

Very rarely do you hear of a ferret in the US living over 10-13 years. A lucky owner can get one, with good care, up to the age of 10 years old. That’s because our pets came originally from fur farms, not from hunting stock.


I have had 12 ferrets to date. 3 are still along for the ride with me. Of the 9   that have passed about the youngest was 3 years of age, the oldest have recently been 7-8 years old, and also I’ve lost a few at ages in the middle of that (4-6 years of age).

Cancers are completely normal in ferrets in this country. Ferrets in countries that do not have breeding farms and do no practice early modifying tend to live longer, healthier, lives.

While ferrets are considered the third hottest pet in America, with the popularity of bad diet and lack of exercise, they are second class citizens next to dogs and cats. And yet, ferrets, when compared to cats, are true carnivores who suffer serious ill effects from inappropriate diet and care.

In the U.S.: about 6 to 8 years, with 7 to 8 years being the norm.
The UK, European and also Australian ferrets: normally a 15-year life span, thanks to these ferrets having superior genetics.
Why The Different Lifespans?

How Can My Ferret Live Longer?


The book “ferret for dummies” happens to be a great place to start reading up on ferret ownership and lifespan.

They are typically great pets but take lots of work, much more than a dog or cat. Be certain that you know what you’re getting into. After that factor in the cost of brand new playthings, food, litter, vaccinations, and illness/emergency veterinarian visits for the next 7-9 years.

A lot of people say keeping a ferret alone will shorten its lifespan. The book “ferret for dummies” happens to be a great place to start reading up on ferret ownership and lifespan.

I find the best way for ferrets to live longer is to feed a premium diet (Innova Evo, By Nature for kittens, and usual silver plus “duck soup” weekly), give them loads of exercise (free roam), and get vet care whenever it’s needed. All of mine are in peak condition and have never ever had problems like insulinoma or even adrenal.


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