How Much Does a Ferret Cost in 2023?


How Much Does a Ferret Cost in 2023?  Ferrets are a popular choice for pet owners, but they can be expensive pets to own. In addition to the initial costs of buying the right setup, food, and vet visits, unexpected emergencies can add up quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to know how much it costs to own a ferret before deciding to bring one home.

When bringing home a new ferret, there are some necessary costs to keep in mind, regardless of whether it is free, adopted, or purchased from a reputable breeder. The total cost can vary, depending on the age, physical and health factors of the ferret, and shelter fees.

While free ferrets may seem like a great option, they often come with unknown genetic health issues, and obtaining them through unknown sources, such as social media, poses risks. On the other hand, adopting a ferret from a rescue can be a cost-effective option, as ferret prices are usually around $150–$200, and you get to support ferret rescues run by volunteers and donations.

Purchasing a ferret through a breeder is the best option as pet stores rarely vet their kits for genetic health and behavioral issues. Though it is the most expensive option, it is a more ethical way of shopping, as you know where the ferret came from, and support breeders who take good care of the ferrets.

When buying a ferret, it is important to remember that cheaper is not always better, and it is crucial to exhaust all options before resorting to a pet store. There are many reputable ferret breeders in most states, and prices usually range from $100 to $500 for a kit and $100 to $300 for an adult.

Finally, when it comes to the types of ferrets, Sable, Black Sable, Albino, Champagne, Chocolate, and Cinnamon are the most popular breeds and their average costs from a breeder range from $100 to $400. By understanding the potential costs of owning a ferret, you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right pet for you.

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