Frozen Chicken Ferret Soup Recipe



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Frozen Chicken Ferret Soup Recipe

My ferrets fell in love with this food. At first, they would not eat it without making into a soup, which they were already used to. Here is how I prepare on serving for two ferrets. If you have one ferret you can cut this in half, or increase the amount for more ferrets.

3/4 cup of frozen chicken.
1/8 cup of hot water
1 teaspoon Ferretvite – 8 In 1 FerretVite Multi-Vitamin Paste, 4.25-Ounce
1/4 teaspoon ArthryDex (Pet Supplement) –  ArthryDex – 1 lb canister

I mix a little water into the frozen food. I place over the stove top for about 30 seconds, this helps it to thaw in the plate.

When it softens, I mix in the rest of the above ingredients to make a soupy texture.


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