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I have been feeding my ferrets Wysong Epogen 90 for almost as long as I have owned ferrets.  It has been great food for them and they love the chicken flavor.  I believe it has definitely made them healthier overall.  I even use the kibble in chicken soup that I make.  I just add about a cup of kibble to their soup mix and it in with the other ingredients.

Ferrets have a very short, simple digestive tract which limits the amount of food they can eat at any one time. It is important that your ferret’s nutrition contains quality dry kibble with high protein content.

This is the best dry kibble ferret food I have found to keep my ferrets healthy.  It has the highest protein available in dry food that I have found.  They tend to like it overall.   You can also moisten it and make a ferret soup out of it, which is especially important for sick ferrets.
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